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Home Improvements that can help you sell your home should be fairly simple, smart, and affordable. Most buyers look for move-in-ready, or at least minimal improvements with lower cost values. Remodeled kitchens and baths can go a long way, but here we are talking mostly about the cosmetic improvements that show your home in its best light when trying to sell, to help you get top dollar for your home. 


We've all started projects or meant to get something done... well now is the time!

Complete all of the projects inside and out. Tighten door hinges and cabinet hardware, If it looks unfinished, finish it! 

Give the interior and exterior a new coat of paint if needed. Paint interior with neutral colors. Touch up trim where chiped or worn.

Replace mis-matched appliances to create a move-in-ready feel to the home. Most new home owners appreciate upgraded appliances.


One of the most desired features of a home that attract sellers is smart home devices installed. Learn what to install for a minimal cost in the Home Improvements eBook!

This eBook has some great ideas on home improvements that can help your home sell quickly.

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