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About Mari


A dynamic visionary with wide-ranging executive management and strategic consulting experience, Mari has led multifaceted business and human resource strategies, negotiated complex deals and structured multi-million dollar transactions for many Fortune 500 companies. Mari served as the CEO and Chief People Officer for some of the most prominent technology companies, where her leadership and innovative foresight have been responsible for spearheading the launch of several successful acquisitions, ventures and properties.

Acknowledged for her business acumen, strategic prowess, skilled negotiating, integrity and charismatic style, Mari’s traits are a natural fit for the competitive real estate market.

It is her pursuit of precision that generates extraordinary business results in everything she does. To date, her professional accomplishments are a testament to her worth as an Agent, as well as evidence of her talent for cultivating ethics-based, long-term relationships. A consummate professional, Mari consistently delivers best-in-class results for each one of her clients.

Mari found the transition to real estate to be the perfect progression as an avid investor and community builder. She has established a wide network of strong connections as a priority and as a result has built an impressive track record.


As a top-level executive, with a long time reputation for business excellence and expertise, she affords her real estate clientele world-class service and impeccable attention to detail. She genuinely understands what is most important to her clients, and pays attention to their wants and needs.

Mari is committed to leveraging her years of professional experience to help people buy and sell property, fulfill their real estate goals and dreams, and deliver the lifestyle they desire.

A San Francisco native, Mari has accomplished her MBA in which she leverages in real estate investment strategies. She has is a strong believer in empowering people and community building.  In addition to English, she speaks fluent Spanish.

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